AI Assistant Mica

Augmented Reality: Magic Leap’s AI Assistant Mica
The idea is that as soon as you put on the Magic Leap One AR headset, Mica appears in your room.
Mica’s gender looks vague though.

Vue on sale

Sony PlayStation Vue’s Core Plan is on sale for just $40, regular $50
and they have beautiful office locally in SF.

Milestone: Our Silicon Valley Office

Our Silicon Valley branch is officially open:

Engineering as co-founder

Five years later, I am going back to my business blog.
I co-founded MaxxSports in 2015, and joined full-time in May 2017.
This blog will serve as preparation of our future formal technical documentation, while our streaming/recording/AI system evolves.
The live streaming and DVR have been released to users.
One of our new projects is to let the cameras follow the players in a hockey game.
OpenCV and TensorFlow is heavily involved.