Google Plus takeout to static html

Google Plus shutdown earlier April 2019, and I downloaded by Google takeout tools.
Each post becomes a static html page in the takeout, which needs conversion.
I wrote a python tool to convert one year of posts into a single page. Totally hundreds of posts from the last 6 years.
A “Read More” button was added so that it shows a few posts initially, and show all when button clicked.
It was done by Python and Javascript with no framework.
I tried ghost, the publishing platform based on Node.js, but felt it was a overkill.

Tools used:

Ghost: Ghost v2.14.1, requires Node.js version 10. default port 2368 and bind only to locahost in config.development.json.
expose to internet by nginx proxy in proxy_pass;
Python to parse Google Plus Takeout files, modules used by
html.parser, html.entities, ntpath since it’s on Windows 10, re to extract Youtube ID.
The JavaScript Read More button:
reorder the posts in reverse chronological order by document.body.childNodes
hide the earlier posts by putting them into a <span> and swap between .style.display = “none” .style.display = “inline”

Here is a sample page converted from google takeout, most postings in Chinese:

Minimum Roku Video Channel

This is a minimum Roku channel that shows up on Roku TV home screen and plays HLS video.

Screen shot:

Folder structure:

main.brs is the only source file, in BrightScript language.
two .png files. one as home screen tile, one as spalash screen when entering channel.
manifest: some meta data such as title and resolution.

A typical channel would have a components/ folder with .xml and .brs files. I moved the essential components into the main.brs file to keep the channel to minimum.
mian.brs: Main() is the entry point to create screen, which in turn creates Scene, which in turn creates Video, which has a ContentNode with HLS URL property.
Installation process: make a zip file and post it to HTTP plugin_install API of the Roku device like so:
curl -v –user “rokudev:YourPassWord” –anyauth -F “mysubmit=Install” -F “” “; The IP belongs to the Roku device.
All files can be downloaded from


Hulu is now a Disney company with 2/3 ownership

Hulu ownership was divided evenly between Disney, Fox, and Comcast, then ATT 10%
But now, Disney bought 21st Century Fox, and ATT sold its shares

vi going away

It will no longer be part of the base installs of GNU/Linux, retiring after 40 years of service.
The replacement is Visual Studio Code, or VsCode.
I am a big fan of VsCode:

Feels similar to Visual Studio, but open source.
Remote debugging: it can even remote debug Brightscript runninng on TV.
Portable: no setup.exe, no install
Cross platform