Hulu is now a Disney company with 2/3 ownership

Hulu ownership was divided evenly between Disney, Fox, and Comcast, then ATT 10%
But now, Disney bought 21st Century Fox, and ATT sold its shares


vi going away

It will no longer be part of the base installs of GNU/Linux, retiring after 40 years of service.
The replacement is Visual Studio Code, or VsCode.
I am a big fan of VsCode:

Feels similar to Visual Studio, but open source.
Remote debugging: it can even remote debug Brightscript runninng on TV.
Portable: no setup.exe, no install
Cross platform


OE Bitbake

OE: “git clone git://…oe-core” downloads meta data prepared as input of Bitbake
Bitbake: Python program to make, e.g. linux. usually calls bash and python code.
Recipe is to bitbake as target is to make
Example $bitbake SayHello , where SayHello is a recipe file: Recipe file. SayHello is PN in this file.

Folder structure: $BBPATH tells where to find the .conf files
bitbake.conf : tells where to find folders, like TMPDIR
bblayers.conf : lists all the layer folders
base.bbclass : lists tasks common to all recipes
mylayer/ e.g. BSP Board Specific Package and UI, hold the .bb files list the recipe name and code to execute the task
conf/layer.conf tells where to find .bb files in this folder
build/ the bitbake output.


Ghost blog server

Ghost v2.14: open source blog server, based on Node.js10, SQLite3. from
Node.js 10: download node-v10.13.0-linux-x64.tar.gz and uncompress to, e.g node-v10/.
SQLite3: installed as part of Ghost installation script
$npm install ghost-cli@latest -g
this generates node-v10/lib/node_modules/ghost-cli , including bin/ghost
$ghost install local

Commands: ghost restart or start stop

By default, ghost only binds to localhost 2368, config.js to bind to all interfaces.

nginx proxy for remote access.
location /blog
Installed site (not finished):