Windows Manager

The role WM is not obvious in Window 10 and Gnome when mixed with desktop.
The GUI applicatin, guix in last post, cannot be moved/resized without WM.
dwm is used as WM here.
Install the binary: apt-get install dwm, $ dwm & to run it, through ssh.
Run  guix from ssh: $ guix Handstand1903.xbm
Run stterm by shortcut from vcxsvr: AltShiftEnter
Resize and drag guix:
on vcxsvr, dwm showing 1 2 … 9 tags.
Alt left mouse to drag, Alt right mouse to resize.
dwm draws guix’s tilte bar, which says “Titlebar not there by default” in guix.
guix doesn’t have to be started by WM, e.g. Alt-P, in order to be decorated by WM.


Minimum x11 executable

I tried to make and test a minimum x11 executable, with these steps:
Build: binary file guix was compiled on a Ubuntu dev machine, which renders an image and some text.
Run: guix was copied to a AWS headless server.
Windows runs VcXsrv, and ssh to AWS, and run ./guix
Result: guix displayed on VcXsrv

This near minimum program guix depends on these x11 .so : Core X11 client XCB X protocol C-language Binding X11 Authorization X Display Manager Control Protocol
In comparison, xclock depends on a lot more so such as :
libXaw: X11 Athena Widget, libXt: X11 toolkit, libXext: X11 miscellaneous extensions

Source code and binary:


Minimum GUI on headless Ubuntu

The minimum installation to run GUI application on Ubunut 16 server version locally.
Minimum means two things:
1. No Windows Manager, and therefore, of course, no desktop either
2. Show GUI locally. If show GUI on remote, no installation needed on local server.

The only thing we need is xorg.
The commands:
Install: $ sudo apt-get install xorg
Run xint:
$ xinit /usr/bin/xmessage xmessageHello -display :0 -geometry 200×200+50+100 — /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc :0 vt1 -keeptty
This brings up a GUI message box.
Bring up GUI on a different terminal when ssh from Windows to Linux:
Issue command on Windows ssh and show GUI on Linux:
[ssh]$ xmessage -center myhello -display :0
0 means the x server running on local tty1
Issue command on Linux and show GUI on Windows VcXsrv:
$ xclock -geometry 200×200+50+100 -display localhost:10.0
10.0 is the display VcXsrv on Windows done by x11 forwarding. screen shot attached.


Some notes:
Since no Windows Manager, cannot move the window, and no default close button.


thinking build for Roku