Switch network between Home and Public

Public network is more secure, but private network if more convenient.
To switch between the two on Windows 10:
Left click the wireless icon on task bar, then Properties.
It shows two radio buttons to indicate the connection: Public and Private.

I could not find it before because I thought it’s a property of the adapters, and kept looking under “Change adapter settings” in “Network and Sharing Center” in Control Panel. That was a mistake.


(To be finished)
VAST: simple, support server stitching.
Here is my googima sample video page from last year.
(sometimes a F5 refersh is needed for ads to play)

VPAID: better interactivity, e.g. in a car ad, the car 3D model can be rotated by mouse.
better metrics: VAST can only report limited info back like ad start, skip.