Streaming to Youtube

We are streaming to YouTube for the first time today, at
Our staff is at Klein Memorial Stadium, Spring, TX, from 17:00 to 19:00 PDT, Oct.18, 2018, broadcasting this college football game.
The live game can also be viewed at YouTube app by searching channelĀ “Rio Wing live stream”.
The official way to view the game is at , a division of, and MaxxSports Android/iOS apps.
YouTube’s input is a RTMP URL, which looks like this: rtmp://
Some RTMP URLs can be used for both input (receiving from FFMPEG) and output (playable by VLC) such as nginx-rtmp-module. However, the RTMP URL from YouTube is only for input, and doesn’t work with players such as VLC.
YouTube RTMP server is quite picky on video; none of our IP cameras’s RTSP video is accepted by YouTube with “-vcodec copy”