Ads in Video

Video contains ads, which are interactive, skippable, and hooked to DoubleClick for payment process.

Tools needed:

  1. Player: enterprise version of JW Player, which in turn calls Google IMA SDK.
  2. An account from Google DFP, which examine our domain name and web site content for eligibility.


  1. VAST: Video Ad Serving Template
  2. Google IMA SDK: Google Interactive Media Ads SDK, an implementation of VAST specification.
  3. Google DFP: Google DoubleClick For Publishers:

The URL from DFP becomes the value of “advertising” property of JW Player, parallel to the “file” property for video. This URL returns a VAST document in XML format with info such as MediaFiles and VideoClicks. Here is quick demo, which play ads before my gym video.  (sometimes a F5 refersh is needed)