GitLab Community Edition setup was not straightforward

We run Gitlab on premise because, as more partners get involved in the projects,  our boss doesn’t like our IP taken care of by github.

The official set up guide for Ubuntu 14 is not so friendly and here are some points which made the installation not straightforward.

  1. Omnibus package is easy, but we cannot use it. It’s good only “if the server is dedicated only to managing git repositories”. I turned to manual installation, because 40 core server is too big to just do gitlab and I already have nginx running.
  2. The guide is for NGINX Plus, the paid version and therefore does’t apply here well. I am using the free version.
  3. Nginx has to proxy to workhorse socket. If proxied to unicorn, the website works, but git client cannot push.
  4. I really wished my existing MySql to work, but I could not make it. Eventually I had to use PostgreSQL. The document says PostgreSQL is recommended but Mysql still works for installation from source with some limitation.

Even though the installation was painful, gitlab works pretty well once up and running.