WSL FileSystem

WSL has three file system types: drvfs lxfs wslfs.
On my windows 10 laptop, I type: $df -Th among the output are these two directories:
1. / is lxfs, which is C drive, and mapped to
files created by WSL have Inodes supported through NTFS Extended Attributes.
2. /mnt/s is drvfs, which is S: drive.
by detault, $ls -l shows 777 permission, but it has metadata to support chmod permissions.
sudo mount -t drvfs s: /mnt/s -o metadata,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=0,fmask=111
which means taking away all x permission for files, so that ls -l shows -rw-r–r–
after this custom mount, all files, old or new, support chmod.

More notes:
WslFs is drvfs with metadata always on, and it’s the replacement of lxfs
These filefs is not parallel to ext4, instead it’s like lxfs/ext4 wslfs/ext4

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