Brightscript library called directly by firmware

It is obvious that main/runUserInterface in a channel, instead of library, is called by firmware.
How to make a function in library, instead of channel, that gets called without involving main/runUserInterface?
Here is a sample library to show how FW call BRS as it does with GrandCentral library.
Firmware loads, and calls launchContent.
On Brightscript side:
manifest file:
required: os_markup=1 sg_component_libs_provided=Roku_GrandCentral
sg_component_libs_provided so that FW knows it is a library instead of channel
optional: major_version, hidden=1
.xml file:
required: <field id=”scene” type=”node”/>
optional: base class of ContentLauncher, extends=”Node”, is not required
required: the function being caalled by FW: launchContent
optional: init()
Folder structure and file name of xml and brs dont make difference.

On FW side:called in LaunchController.cpp

The way we know the function did get called:
check port 8085, and look for log message “Function launchContent is called by FW.”

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