Debug Python with VsCode

Visual Studio Code debugs Python. Here are the steps on Windows 10.
Create a folder with a .py file in it, e.g. Rio\proj\python\
Run code.exe, open the folder Rio\proj\python
Install extension: ms-python.python, which is the Python extension for VsCode from Microsoft.
Install pathon: python-3.7.3.exe 32bit 24M
which installs to C:\Users\rio\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32\python.exe
Add config: click Debug then Add config, which creates S:\Rio\proj\python\.vscode\launch.json
Choose interpreter:
From Command Palette, type: Python: Select Interpreter
The installed python should be listed there, and click it.
Debug: open, set break point, hit the debug icon, they hit the green arrow in the tool bar.
execution should stop and variables can be inspected by mouse over.VsCodePy

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