Transcoding GeniCam to HLS

Goal: GeniCam cameras output Bayer format raw video. We need HLS H.264.
Hardware setup at MaxxSports:
Camera connects to a low end Windows laptop by a 3 foot USB3 cable. Laptop is not capable to encode 1080p video, and it sends the raw video to a Linux server through optical fiber LAN.

The general flow:
In house Windows OpenCV application, mux.exe, reads and process the raw video from camera, and pipes it to ffmpeg.
ffmpeg sends raw video to ffserver through http.
ffserver encodes it into H.264, and expose a RTSP end point.
ffmpeg re-packages RTSP into HLS, and exposes it as a http URL.

Sample commands listed as following:
Raw video processing: mux.exe
Send raw video to ffserver:
mux.exe | ffmpeg.exe -re -f rawvideo -vcodec rawvideo -s 1920×1080 -r 30 -pix_fmt            bayer_rggb8 -i pipe:0 -g 1
ffserver.conf parameters:
HttpPort 555
RtspPort 554
File /mnt/ebs/ffbuf/feed.ffm
<Stream bvsc.mp4>
Feed feed.ffm
Format rtp
VideoCodec libx264
Re-package from RTSP to HLS
ffmpeg -i -f hls -hls_segment_filename /mnt/ebs/strm_%05d.ts -hls_time 6 -segment_list_flags +live -hls_list_size 12000 -hls_flags delete_segments -start_number 0 /mnt/ebs/strm.m3u8

Final HLS output URL:

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