SSL Cert Installation

Installed SSL certificates in two ways, free and paid.

Free: as example
Download and run certbot file “letsencrypt”. cert only valid for 90 days.
Basic steps:
Make .cnf file
Run “openssl req” with the .cnf file to create CSR Certificate Signing Request .der file
Run “letsencrypt certonly” with the .der file to get the cert downloaded
During this process, create text file on web site to prove ownership

Paid: as example
$140 for two years with wild card support.
Instead of running certbot file, interact with web site, which is easier
Of course, creating file on web site is required to prove ownership

Copy the cert and private key file to web server, and update config file.
For nginx, as an example, they are ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key.

To confirm cert installation:
Using Chrome:
Developer Tools – Security, enter URL in address bar, click View Certificate button.
Using Online tool:
Just replace the hostname in the URL below.


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