MaxxSports and are now one

By welcoming TSRN to our family, our video content extends from NHL hockey to baseball, football and basketball. TSRN’s camera configuration is different though. Our cameras are permanent installed, and therefore on all the time, while TSRN cameras are only set up during game time. Here are the two integration challenges, and enhancements.

  1. For live streaming, there have to be a mechanism for us to know the cameras are ready.
  2. For DVR, we used to assume the video from camera is continuous, but this is no longer true for TSRN. We have to some how handles gaps in video.
  3. Video advertising. Meridix was handling ads for TSRN; now it becomes our own responsibility.
  4. Audio. Our audio was not well synchronized with video. For TSRN, this has to be fixed.
  5. Live subtitles to show score and commentator’s input. Subtitles for live is not as straightforward as VOD.
  6. Commentator has control to switch camera so that viewers can watch from different angle.
  7. AI/AR based advertising. This is two folds:
    1. Find a proper location to put the ad, e.g. a bench on the side.
    2. Render a 3D movable ad object, e.g. a airplane pulling a banner above the baseball field.


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