HLS audio video decoupled: two audio ts streams share one video ts stream

Audio and Video can be specified separately. In another word, audio and video can be in separate .ts files, and therefore the same video can be shared by different audio, most commonly, for different languages. This feature was added in HLS version 4.
(VLC223 doesn’t support this; it has to be audio video in the same .ts file)
In this sample stream, http://riowing.net/local/SepAV/SepAV.htm, played by JW Player, the audio can shifted between English and Chinese.

Pitfall: it happened that some video works on Windows, but not on Android. Most likely it’s caused by the .ts files, instead of the .m3u8 playlists.

Reference: https://www.gpac-licensing.com/2014/12/01/apple-hls-comparing-versions/
Thanks to Jimmy for pointing this out.


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