Video Rendering Approaches

1. DirectShow: old technology which started in the late 90s.

It can get the job done by constructing a graph with existing filters.
More flexibility can be achieved by customizing the rendering filters.
I used in 2010 to playback school buses surveillance video.

2. Direct3D:

This is like making a rendering filter but outside of DirectShow’s frame work, video frame as texture on a poly.
Great flexibility can be achieved, but Direct3D coding may take more time to get up to speed.
Input can be raw video video frame such as YUV420. The YUV gets copied to the texture, by the route below.
YUV -> CreateOffscreenPlainSurface.IDirect3DSurface9.D3DLOCKED_RECT.pBits -> IDirect3DTexture9.IDirect3DSurface9
I did this in 2014 in my project to render video from IP cameras.

3. GDI

for rendering GUI in the old days, not for video as it’s too slow.

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