What makes rvalue reference able to do Perfect Forwarding?

(C++11, Visual Studio 2010)
R-value reference itself cannot do Perfect Forwarding. It needs three more things:
1 template function: it’s impossible to do perfect forwarding for non-template functions,
because rvalue reference parameter doesn’t bind to lvalue argument.
2 special rule made for && in template argument deduction, which is T&&& collapsing to T&.
3 cast(std::forward) is needed because in ‘Rref0(T&& t)’ t has a name and named T&& is treated as T& if no casting.
The following code demonstrates perfect forwarding:

void Rref2(const int& i)
	cout << "Rref2(const int& i)" << endl;
void Rref2(int& i)
	cout << "Rref2(int& i)" << endl;
template <class T> void Rref0(T&& t)
void TestRref()
	int i = 4;
	const int ci = 5;
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